What does HappyNest expect from a Nester?

You take care of the pet as if he/she was yours and make him / her feels like home

  • Respect the rules of the owner for the pet

  • Honesty at all time ! It also means that if you are not comfortable with a pet, you can tell us

  • Regular updates in the group

  • Always talk in the group so HappyNest can follow up and have your back in case of misunderstanding​

And of course…to cover the basics

  • Clean the litter box or accidents 

  • Walk the dog on the leash at all time, be careful when approaching other dogs

  • Clean and refill water and food

  • Play, cuddle, enjoy !

What we will never ask you

  • You are not the house keeper. You can help with small things time to time if asked, but if you are not comfortable with a owner request, feel free to tell us.

  • To do a booking you don’t want to 

How to get ready to take care of a pet?


  • Make sure your home is safe for the pet (windows closed, balcony safe, etc)

  • Remove anything you care about to avoid the pet to break it 

  • Set your own rules for your apt (where the pet is allowed, etc), specially if you live in a shared apartment


Dropin visit

  • Make sure to know where is everything you’ll need for the pet (refer to meet and greet list)

  • Make sure you have all the access you need (keys, card, etc.)


House sitting

  • Take what you need to make yourself comfortable

The HappyNest community

You can ask any questions in the WeChat group! It's a pet lovers group, with only sitters. Some of them have already a lot of experiences, so feel free to ask anything to get great tips !

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