Beginner’s guide, how to nail the first meeting?

  • Ask as many questions as you can (you can also prepare questions in advance). Here is the list of things you should know :

    • Is the pet allergic to anything ?

    • How to reward a good behavior ?

    • Should I keep an eye on something ? 

    • What is the contact of the vet ?

    • Is the pet super afraid of something ? Or has separation anxiety ?

    • What are the care intructions ?

    • Is the pet allowed to get extra food (like bones, tuna, ...)?

  • Use the checklist to help you, and make it your own

  • Talk about your experience, (and don’t lie about it) and your personal skills and quality

HappyNest tips : Make sure to set up the meeting as soon as you are in touch with the pet owner. Last minute meeting can lead to not finding the perfect time convenient for you all and rush without going through all the details. More you'll have time for your meeting, more the booking will go well !

The best practices for a successful meet and greet?

  • Important to have a first approach with the pet

  • We strongly suggest to send a recap of your meeting in the group to avoid any misunderstanding on the rules during the booking

  • The ayi is supposed to come? Someone to repair the AC? Make sure to know the come and go in the apartment so you can make the best of it for you and the pet

How does the checklist work?

The checklist is made to help you go through the most important things but you can of course make it your own and complete it. If you have any suggestion to improve it, we are always looking for good hints from our pet sitters. 

How to build trust with the pet owner?

  • Always set up a meet and greet with the pet owner. The face to face meeting will help you make a first great impression, but also to have a first approch with the pet. 

  • Communicate with the owner in the WeChat group and be honest : the dog is having a bad day or the cat is hiding ? The owner may have tips for you from previous experiences. 

  • Send regular updates (based on the agreement you had during the meeting : pictures, videos or a small text to say everything is fine) in the WeChat group. 

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