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How to create a routine?

  • "I try my best to give them food at the same time everyday. I think this helps the pet feel more comfortable and sets a routine"

  • "First I ask what is the owner's routine, then adapt it according to me"

  • "I create my own with the dog, to include cuddles, play time and walks"

How to keep the owner updated?

  • "I send lots of photos, videos and information to the pet owner, to show them that their pet is happy and safe. Give them the peace of mind knowing their pet is being taken care of" 

  • "I try to update the owner everytime I interact with the pet, or if it does something unique/cute/funny. But first ask the owner what type of update the owner prefers" 

  • "I send pictures once a day and I am doing my best to be always reactive when the owner connects with me"

HappyNest tips : even for a more difficult news, try to always keep things positive. (ex : Coco had a little accident today, but I cleaned it and changed the litter again so it doesn’t happen anymore)

Small details pet owners love

  • "I think pet owners love to see their pet happy. I love taking lovely photos and also take photos/videos when pets are sleeping, playing or doing something fun" 

  • "My owners always like me to connect with them, tell them how the day went and what we have been doing" 

HappyNest tips : owners love to have news about their pets, but they also like to know they are in a nice environment. Time to time you can send a picture of their bowls, or litter, or anything that shows they are taking care of. 

HappyNest adventures

You can follow your pet sitting adventures on Instagram ! All the pet sitting adventures  pictures or videos you send in the group can be posted so check it out !

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