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What is the difference between drop-in, dog walking, boarding ?

- Drop-in : the pet can stay in his own environment (usually for cats or dogs who don’t need to walk). The Nester comes to your place, chek your pet (and make sure everything is okay), feed, play and cuddle ! - Dog walking : quick stroll or long walk, the Nester walks your dog on regular schedule around your place - Boarding : a sleepover at the sitter's place, in a welcome and lovely nest. - House sitting : the pet stays home and the nester moves in

As a pet owner, how do I pick the right service ?

HappyNest suggest to evaluate according to the personality of your pet, and what you feel will be the best for your furry friend for the time you are gone. Boarding service is best if you need to leave for more than 2 weeks, specially if your pet is sociable and flexible. It's also a very good option if your pet is young, to avoid to get lonely Drop-in service is great for short period of time, or for pets that are shy and very attached to their environment. A visit is 30 minutes each time. Dog walking would be perfect if you have a crazy week at work coming and you know you won't have time to give your dog the time out he needs.

Why do I have to meet and greet before the sitting ?

Because there is nothing better than a talk face to face to start building trust ! It's also the best time to see if it fits between the Nester and the pet and to talk about the habits, personality and requirements. Trust your instinct. If you have a dog, you can go on a walk with the Nester to show him / her how to handle your pet on the leash. For boarding, we suggest to organize the meet and greet at the Nester's place (specially if he/she has other pets) so your furry friend can familiarize with the new environment. HappyNest will also provide you a document to help you with the meeting and so you don’t forget any important topic !

What is the average price ?

Each Nester set his own price, according to the service he offers, the kind of pet (dog or cat), the time spent with the pet, etc. Here are some range of prices to give you an idea : Drop-in visit : 80¥ to 100¥ / visit (base on 30 min) Dog walking : 80¥ to 120¥ / walk (base on 30 min) Boarding : 120¥ to 200¥ / day House sitting : 120¥ to 200¥ / day

How does the fee work?

The commission fee is 20% of the total of the booking (15% on the owner's side and 5% on the sitter's side) An extra 5% (on the total price of the booking) will apply if the request is done less than 72h before the starting date.

How does the payment work ?

The payment has to be done at least 24h before the starting date of the booking. Both starting date and ending date are included in the total of the booking, no matter the time of the pick up and drop off. You can pay by WeChat or Alipay.

What happens if there is a problem with a pet ?

The sitters are taking care of the pets as their owns, but accidents can happen. As a Nester, do not panic, contact HappyNest and explain the situation. As a owner, be sure we will update you reguraly on the problem and solution

Can I cancel a booking ?

As a owner, you can cancel 48h before the starting date. If you cancel less than 48h before the starting date, HappyNest will charge you the fee of the booking. If your sitter cancels, HappyNest will refund you completely and will do everything to have your back and find a new Nester. As a Nester, you can cancel 48h before the starting date. If you cancel less than 48h before the starting date or during the booking, you must help HappyNest to find another solution.

Why feedbacks matter?

Feel free to share, we always keep your comments private. Sending your feedback is important to get more information : - on the pet, and so it can help the next sitters - on the service itself, so we can improve it

Pet lovers

How do I become a Nester ?

You have to fill in the deciated form. The more complete the better!

I want to pet sit, but I don’t really have experience, can I still do it ?

Of course, you can apply ! But you must let us know in the form, so we can give you special information and advices. You will have a special follow up on your first sitting as well.

Can I take care of several pets at the same time ?

HappyNest recommands to board one pet at a time. For the drop-in it’s quite different, so it’s possible to organize it, according to your schedule and time. Let’s talk, so we can find the best arrangement !

When can I expect to get paid ?

The transfer will be done within 48h following the ending date of the booking, by WeChat or Alipay.

What are my commitments ?

Take care of the pets as your owns of course. But also send daily updates (photos, videos, any important info), respect the requirements you agreed on during the meet and greet, and give a lot of love !

How do I know when I have a new request?

HappyNest contacts you whenever a request is matching your profile to check your availability, price and interest. And then you are connected with the pet owner on a WeChat group.

How to manage my availability ?

For now, you can just send in private message or in the group for the big period of holidays.

How do I snooze or desactivate my profile ?

You are super busy and cannot be a pet sitter anymore ? No problem, just send HappyNest a message and that’s it.

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